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Greetings and salutations. Updates as of 11/15/16



To my history students...

My current classpages are up and running in the School section. Please refer to these pages for online assignments, tips, and other information as I tell you about them. It is also accessible from the menu to the left or by clicking this.


Historical research notes...

A while back, I was awarded a fellowship and am now studying history at NEIU attempting a Masters' Degree. Since I love a challenge, I will do this all while raising two little kids and teaching history full time. A glutton for punishment. Because of these changes, my history page is under constant contruction; but if you ant to read some hsitory go here.


Genealogical research notes...

I updated the thorough family tree available at the Family Museum last in 2013, after 4 years of online stagnation. I should be doing another update sometime soon. Be aware, reader, that I am not only interested in my own genealogy, but would likely work on yours as well.


Travel notes...

Whenever I have time, which is almost never, I update this collection. Photos and stories of almost all of our trips are recorded here. I am attempting to make a useful place for people to find out travel tips and historical and natural history notes about places I've been, but mostly these pages are mostly self-serving storeplaces of my happy memories. See what I think about places.


Thanks to the people at attentive people of Dot5Hosting, the pages formerly known as the domain of "the gadfly" have found a new and more spacious home on the Internet. Of course, the rent has gone up, but what is money? The Gadfly site of old has been almost completely dismantled by Yahoo.


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