Ott-Kalb Document Gallery

This album chronicles the lives of the Ott families of Jasper County, Indiana, Jefferson County, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois. These images are from various sources and are labeled. Please feel free to e-mail me about any documents you would like more information on. If you have copies of documents on related families please send them to me for adition into the museum. You will be credited for your discovery.

Depository Info: (Demotte: Demotte Library Indiana Room; NEIU: Illinois Regional Archives Despository; UW: University of Wisconsin Whitewater; and otherwise as noted)

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Census record of Matthias Ott of Jefferson Co., IN, in 1870. He was Clemens' father-in-law. (UW)

Marriage certificate of Clemens Ott and Emma Ott in 1880 from Cook County Records. Signed by priest of St. Michael Church. (NEIU)

Marriage certificate of Clemens Ott and Mary Wilger 1885 from Cook County Records. (NEIU)

1888 registry of voters in Chicago lists Clemens Ott and his father. (NEIU)

Clemens Ott is listed in the 1892 Chicago register of voters. (NEIU)

Clemens Ott farm in Kniman, IN, as represented on 1900 census. It is a large farm with several boarders. (Demotte)

Clemens Ott family as appeared in 1920 census, his last. Listed as caring for grandchildren. A much smaller farm in Kniman, IN. (Demotte)

Death certificate documenting the legendary 1923 death of John Kalb. A lot less drama in the record. (Indiana Dept. of Health)

Obituary of Mary Wilger Ott from the Kankakee Valley Post. (Demotte)

Obituary of Getrude Ott WIlmington in 12/8/1950 Kankakee Valley Post. (Demotte)