Ott & Kalb Image Gallery

This album chronicles the lives of the Ott and Kalb families of Jasper County, Indiana, and Chicago, Illinois. These photos are from various sources and are labeled. Please feel free to e-mail me any photos you would like to include in the museum.

Source Info: (Culhane: photo album of Jule Jaskoske kept by her daughter; House: photo albums kept in my house; M. Kalb: photo album of Margaret Ott-Kalb stored in my house)

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Anne Marie "Emma" Ott, of Jefferson, WI, was Clemens' first wife. Taken in 1880, a year before her death. (Culhane)

Wedding photo of Clem Ott and Mary Wilger, married in 1885 at St. Alphonsis Church in Chicago. (Culhane)

The train station built in Kell, Germany, that helped revitalize the area just after the Ott family left in 1871.

Identified by Fritz Erne as her parents, Clem Ott and Mary Wilger around 1902. (house)

The Otts and family at a party, probably in Kniman, IN. Taken around 1902. (house)

The main drag of Kniman, IN, where the Otts and Kalbs were cornerstones of the community from 1890 to 1930.

Unknown baby, identified on reverse as a "Bricker." Lived with Clem Ott in Kniman, IN. (M. Kalb)

Clemens Ott (center in overalls) on his Kniman, Indiana, farm with sons in law. Taken in 1920's. (M. Kalb)

Clemens Ott and Mary Wilger (center) surrounded by daughters on their Kniman, Indiana, farm just before his death. (M. Kalb)

Photo of Kniman School children in 1923, including many descendants of Clemens Ott and Kalb children. E-mail me for the names listed on the caption.

Wedding of John Kalb and Margaret Ott in Wheatfield, IN, at Sorrowful Mother Church. (M. Kalb)

John Kalb and Margaret Ott in another wedding photo. They began their new family in Kniman, IN. (Culhane)

Margaret Ott-Kalb, taken in the late 1940's in Chicago. (house)

Grave of Margaret Ott in Sorrowful Mother Cemetery in Wheatfield, IN. Taken in 2002.

Wheatfield, IN, grave of John Kalb, whose death brought about family migration back to Chicago.