Maxwell & Edgerle Image Gallery

This album chronicles the lives of the Maxwell and Edgerle family of Iowa and Chicago, Illinois. These photos are from the album of Grace Maxwell Godenius. Please feel free to e-mail me any photos you would like to include in the museum.

Source Info: (Godenius: photo album of Grace Maxwell-Godenius kept by her children.)

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Douglas Logan Maxwell, of Clinton Co., Iowa.

Barbara Haring Edgerle of Champaign, Illinois.

Florence Edgerle and Earle D. Maxwell.

Earle D. Maxwell's disguises.

Florence Edgerle-Maxwell's disguises.

Florence Edgerle Maxwell.

Florence Edgerle-Maxwell.

Florence and her son Earle II.

Three generations of Maxwell women.

Earle II, Grace, and Florence Maxwell.

Earle D. Maxwell II all grown up.

Grace Maxwell and her grandmothers: Jennie McKnight and Barbara Haring.

Grace and her father Earle D. Maxwell.

Grace Maxwell's mugshots.

Samuel Sabin Edgerle, the engineer.

Samuel Edgerle II and his niece Grace Maxwell.