Omarock - 8/2009

The August heat does not affect the snow at 13000 feet. This ridge stands near the Alpine Visitor Center in Rocky Mountain National Park.


Dates: August, 2009

Areas Explored: Omaha, Platte River valley, Front Range of the Colorado Rockies, Sangre de Cristos, Kansas

Transportation: 2000 LeSabre

New Frontiers: Omaha's Doorly Zoo, Platte River, Bandelier and Los Alamos, Cheyenne Bottoms

Cast: Scott, Jessica, & Andrew


Trip Notes: Day 1: ? Day 2: ? Day 3: ? Day 4: ? Day 5: ? Day 6: ?

The long and winding route with night markers. Most high mileage was done at night, while more leisurely drives were done in the day.

Stories and such to come soon!



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