Ottertoberfest III - 8/2013

Another happy day on the rooftop of the City Museum in St. Louis.
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Dates: October 12-13, 2013


Areas Explored: Saint Louis, MO, and vicinity

Transportation: 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan

Cast: Jessica, Andrew, Scott, Trish & Catie


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Trip Notes:

We headed south on another Indian Summer weekend for Ottertoberfest at the St. Louiz Zoo. This trip is really just an excuse to get outside and take a quick break from work until brutal winter sets in.


We stopped once again at Jefferies Orchard near Springfield in search of apples but ended up enjoying beans instead. A short trip to Lincoln's tomb a few miles to the south seemed to be in order because what is better than starting a fun weekend in an atmosphere of sober solemnity?

We headed to the City Museum in St. Louis, which has become a favorite destination. The bright day saw us to the rooftop where we climbed and jumped and slid. There is no better way to learn than descending a ten story slide.

The evening was not as much fun since the government shutdown the nation was experiencing darkened the famous Gateway Arch and JNEM park. After a terrible pizza dinner, we all settled down for bed and hoped the morning would be better.

And it was because the St. Louis Zoo was full of animal babies, bratwurst, and polka music. We were particularly keen to see the little elephant newborn who was only recently released into the enclosure for public viewing, but were surprised to see so many other animal youngsters.

After the zoo, we drove around scenic Forest Park, one of the best parks in America, and explored the small St. Louis Science Center. Before heading home we drove out along the Missouri River west of St. Charles for some sight seeing.

Weather was perfect, company was great, and another exciting weekend went down in St. Louis.


All photos (c) 2013 by J. Bezold All content (c) 2013 by S. Plencner