Patriotic New Year 2007 - Road Trip 2006-07
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The bridge at Pittsburgh, PA, which turned out to be a much sharper town than I thought it would be.

Bloody Lane at Antietam National Battlefield near Sharpsburg, MD.

The famous panda and her baby at the National Zoo were very active.

We placed a memorial to Uncle Charlie at the Korean War Memorial in Washington.

About ten minutes before the new year, fireworks filled the sky above the imposing Masonic Temple in Alexandria.

This bridge connected Arlington National Cemetery with the Lincoln Memorial.

Enjoying the stiff winter air at the Atlantic Ocean in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

This wild pony at Assateague Island, MD, ignored us, for the most part.

The dune and beach at Assateague Island National Park in Maryland.

I contemplate the ghosts of Yorktown, where America gained its independence.

Entering the ruins of the Jamestown church.

The Blue Ridge Parkway.



Dates: For winter break in the days around New Year's 2007.


States Explored: IN, OH, PA, MD, VA, DC, DE, WV

Transportation: 2000 LeSabre

New Frontiers: First time in West Virginia. Third trip to Atlantic Ocean.


Trip Diary: to come

All photos copyright 2007 by J. Bezold All content copyright 2007 by S. Plencner