Sayner Weekends 2007 - 2 Fall Weekends in 2007
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Dates: In October, 2007, on two non-consective weekends.


Areas Explored: the second home of American Legion Highlands State Forest in Wisconsin

Transportation: 2000 LeSabre

New Frontiers: First time I camped with Sam.


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Trip Diary:

After the close of the season Up North Sam and Scott took the opportunity to get reaquainted with the old family grounds, having not been there since our parents organized a series of trips to the Woodlands from 1998 to 2000. Brought up a tent and camped at Razorback Campground in American Legion SF. Despite being attacked by a raccoon one night had a pleasant weekend. After a week of work we decided to come back the next weekend, this time with Jessica and Jeff, and had a long double date of sorts in the same campsite. We proposed that next year we would return to the Woodlands.



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