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Here I am in the Smokies, smelling not the clean mountain air, but the sickening sweet smell of a coolant leak! Click here to go Back on the Road!

Don't be a fool. Go to travel school.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER! I am not a professional traveler and do not consider myself responsible for the misuse of my advice or your stupidity. So don't sue me. I only know so much...


This part of www.splencner.com is about you. I talk about myself too much on my website so here I will allow you, free of charge, to learn from my expensive travel mistakes. They are countless and I am getting much smarter as I go.


Suggestions? Am I wrong again? I would like to include a section with your advice so please do not hesitate to make suggestions or e-mail me with any submissions. Maybe we can even do a section with advice for different cities or parts of the country.

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#4 Sleeping with bears coming soon  

more to come as my time permits!