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AR Trip Stats (6/09):


Counties visited: 13

Best county: Garland  Co.

Last visited: 10/2005

Town visited most: West Memphis

Places slept in: West Memphis (3x)

Biggest town: Hot Springs


Long Trips: Dixieland (7/04), Katrina Relief (10/05), Catfish Blues (10/08), Gulf Shores (1/09), Motexarkiana (3/09)


Neighboring States: MO, TN, MS, OK, TX, LA


Future Plans: Things change...

First Contact: I entered Arkansas during the Southland Trip of July, 2004, after staying the night north of Memphis. Having entered Memphis from an unusual direction, I missed the dangerous curves on I-55 that make the West Memphis approach so fun.  So I crossed the Mississippi the next day just so I could say I was once in Arkansas. I did buy gas so there was some purpose to it all.  On a later trip I was introduced to a cotton-rich alluvial plain.

.Crittenden Co. (7/2004)

Passed through this farmland thrice. In the late summer and fall some of the farms are blanketed with white cotton.  West Memphis. Interstate suburb on the edge of metropolitan Memphis. It is full of prostitutes, off-track betting, confusing frontage roads, and cheap motels. It has a good Waffle House and a very bad Cracker Barrel. It is surprising to find an Interstate town like this so close to a major metro center. The city is about seven miles west of downtown Memphis via the I-40 bridge that crosses expansive and beautiful delta bayous.

Mississippi Co. (10/2005)

Passed through this rich farmland of the Mississippi delta plain on I-55 on three occasions. It can be a very tedious drive. The state rest stops are horribly maintained, but at least they exist.

Boone Co. (4/2009)

Omaha. Harrison.

Newton Co. (4/2009)

Jasper. Dogpatch. Buffalo River NSR.

Pope Co. (4/2009)

Ozark NF. Dover. Russellville. Harrison.

Yell Co. (4/2009)

Dardenelle. Ola.

Perry Co. (4/2009)

Ouachita NF.

Garland Co. (4/2009)

Hot Springs Village.  Hot Springs. Hot Springs NP.

Hot Spring Co. (4/2009)

Passed Through.

Clark Co. (4/2009)

DeGray SP. Caddo Valley. Arkadelphia.

Nevada Co. (4/2009)

Passed Through.

Hempstead Co. (4/2009)


Miller Co. (4/2009)












The sun sets over Crittenden County as seen from across the Mississippi in south Memphis. (2009)