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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places last contact: 8/16/2008 first contact: 8/15/2008

NE Trip Stats (6/10):


Counties visited: 18

Best county: Cherry Co.

Town visited most: Omaha

Places slept in: Niobrara SP (tent), Omaha

Most impressive town: Niobrara

Least impressive town: Valentine

Biggest town: Omaha

Most scenic area: Sand Hills west of Valentine

Most scenic spot: Niobrara SP

Three words: wide, sand hills, cattle

State Animal: beef

Road Trips: High Plains (8/08),  Omarock (8/09), Zoo Loop (4/10)


Neighboring States: SD, IA, MO, KS, CO, WY


Major Passes: In 8/2008 passed through most of the state by riding NE-12 along the northern border with South Dakota. In 8/2009 crossed more traditionally along I-80 from Omaha to Colorado.


Accents: Many people I met in Nebraska seem to have the same kind of accent one finds in Kansas City, which is a kind of Midwestern accent mixed with a bit of a drawl.

First Contact: I entered Nebraska in the Sand Hills near Merriman. More to come.

Cherry Co. (8/2008)

Bowring Ranch. Valentine. Coming Soon.

Keya Paha Co. (8/2008)

Coming Soon.

Boyd Co. (8/2008)

Coming Soon.

Knox Co. (8/2008)

Niobrara. Coming Soon.

Cedar Co. (8/2008)

Niobrara. Coming Soon.

Douglas Co. (8/2009)

Omaha. Coming Soon.

Sarpey Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Cass Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Lancaster Co. (8/2009)

Lincoln. Coming Soon.

Seward Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

York Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Hamilton Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Hall Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Buffalo Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Dawson Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Lincoln Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Keith Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.

Deuel Co. (8/2009)

Coming Soon.




A windmill stands alone near Valentine. (2008)

The sun sets over the Niobrara River. (2008)

Sunflowers abound in the Sandhills. (2008)