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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places last contact: 6/25/2009 first contact: 7/9/2006

SC Trip Stats (6/09):


Counties visited: 32

Last visited: 6/26/2009


Best county: Spartanburg Co.

Town visited most: Orangeburg

Places slept in: Spartanburg

Most impressive town: Orangeburg

Least impressive town: Columbia

Biggest town: Columbia

Most scenic area: Appalachian foothills

Most scenic spot: leaving the state in the foothills north of Spartanburg


Most ignorant spot: Columbia, dag-nabbit

Three words: palmetto, Bible, rebellion

Road Trips: Honeymoon (7/2006), Florida Tour (6/2009)


Neighboring States: GA, NC


Major Passes: Twice crossed state from the northwest to the south along the I-95 and I-26 corridors.


Comments: Best state flag in the world.


Heroes: John C. Calhoun, Jesus



First Contact: Coming soon.

Jasper Co. (7/9/06)

Limehouse. Hardeeville. Passed through twice.

Hampton Co. (7/9/06)

 Passed through twice.

Colleton Co. (7/9/06)

 Passed through twice.

Dorcester Co. (7/9/06)

 Passed through twice.

Orangeburg Co. (7/9/06)


Calhoun Co. (7/9/06)

Passed through twice.

Lexington Co. (7/9/06)

Passed through twice.

Richland Co. (7/9/06)

Passed through twice.

Newberry Co. (7/9/06)

Passed through twice.

Lawrens Co. (7/9/06)

Passed through twice.

Spartanburg Co. (7/18/06)






Photos (c) 2009 by J. Bezold. All rights reserved.