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Below are a sample of videos from my recent travels. These only include videos I was bored enough to take the time and prepare online. I do not intend to be a videographer or make this a focus of this website. But people seem to prefer videos to photos so here they are!

The Seaway
Clips highlighting our big summer trip in 2010 down the St. Lawrence and back through New England.


Other Extremes of Note
highest in air SW Flight 2220 Over the Rockies 38000 ft.
furthest underground Mammoth Cave Mammoth Caverns NP, KY

driven N in a day from home Pineshores Chalet Goulais River, ON 46°42`
driven S in a day " Gulf Islands NS Pensacola Beach, FL 30°33`
driven E in a day " Four Mile Creek SP Youngstown, NY 78°99`
driven W in a day " Henry Doorly Zoo Omaha, NE 95°91`

west in boat Elliott Bay Seattle, WA 47°37`/122°23`
north in boat Île Bonaventure gannet colony Percé, QC 48°49`
south in boat Port Everglades Harbor Fort Lauderdale, FL 80°06`
east in boat Île Bonaventure gannet colony Percé, QC 64°14`
furthest drive in a day Chicago, IL to Destin, FL 6/2009 943 miles
most desolate clearcut area east of White River, ON
most crowded Foggy Bottom sub stop Washington, DC
most white squirrels City Park Olney, IL 2
most dangerous animal black bear along road Lake Audy, MB
most salmon caught Lk. Michigan, five miles out Winthrop Harbor, IL 3
best/worst breakdown coolant leaking into engine Mitchell, SD $thousands$