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Looking out at Lake Superior in Minnesota.
I am a thorough traveler. So while I may not have been as far-flung as most people, I have digested the places along the way. When I pick a destination for my trip, that destination simply acts as a direction to head. My favorite vacations are spent on a journey. I love the trip more than the destination. Since I first took my bike past Laramie Avenue armed with a notebook to map my progress, I have received a natural high by forging a path previously unknown to me. The experience fills me with wonder and awe and an appreciation for all the good things the Lord has given us. So if you are ever feeling down in the dumps, I suggest filling up your tank and hitting the road.
The Trip Diaries
These can be accessed using the bar to the left. These pages include stories from past planned and happenstance road trips. These include maps, photo albums, journals, and videos. It is a multimedia photo album. Not updated since 2014.

Right: An animal jam in Roosevelt NP near Medora, North Dakota.
The Gadfly Slept Here
A detailed, illustrated gazetteer to places I've been to and can remember, county by county. Notes and observations on places visited. My prized collection. Special page on major cities visited can also be accessed. Data updated in 8/2008. Re-designed 12/10.

Left: The sunset over the Gulf of Mexico at St. Pete Beach, FL.
Thumb Tack Map
See photos from travels as part of an interactive Google map. This much-improved feature is an interesting way to view photos and travel North America. You can also download the KML file here to view it on Google Earth (which is  a very cool way to see it.) Updated 12/19/2010.

Right: A road winds through the Utah's Monument Valley.
Tips from experience
While it is best to learn from experience (as I have many times), it is also good to know what you are in for... Although I am no expert, I have become a much better traveler. Learn from me about camping and road trips. Offer your own advice. Updated in 2008.

Left: A sign in Key West pointing to some of my other favorite destinations.
Travel Videos
A collection of videos of some of our travels because sometimes words and photos do not do the trick. Most of these videos are also available by clicking on the diaries to the left that correspond to them. Updated 12/21/2010.

Right: A backcountry road cuts through the Gaspesie in Quebec.
A collection of my personal extremes in travel. Can you beat my latitude and longitude? How about my altitude? Probably...

Left: Pier 39 in San Francisco Harbor, California.