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The New River in West Virginia.
Below are a sample of videos from my recent travels. These only include videos I was bored enough to take the time and prepare for online viewing, which can be quite time-consuming. I do not intend to be a videographer or make this a focus of this website. But people seem to like these videos so here they are all in one place!
The Seaway
Clips highlighting our big summer trip in 2010 down the St. Lawrence and back through New England. more

Safari Drive
From our 2010 drive through the African Wildlife Safari Park of Port Clinton, Ohio. more

Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras parades in Mississippi and Louisiana in 2010. Watch this if you wonder how to do such a thing with a toddler. more
The Great Northwest
A sweeping 2009 trip across the U.S./Canada border through the Northwoods, Great Plains, and the Rockies. more
Sayner and the North
Our 2008 trip to the Vilas County Northwoods. more
Puerto Rican Wilds
2007 video from Puerto Rico, mostly from beaches. more
Elephant Seals
2008 recordings of Point Reyes National Seashore in a serious Pacific storm and experiencing wintering elephant seals. more
Golden Gate Bridge
Clips from our last Christmas visit to the happening town of San Francisco from 2008. Includes nice footage of the Golden Gate. more
Theodore Roosevelt NP
Clips of storms, wild horses, and bison from our 2007 trip to Theodore Roosevelt NP, North Dakota. more
Florida Safari
Scenes , mostly of animals spotted, from our 2011 New Years' trip to Florida and the Gulf Coast.