Civil War and Reconstruction Mandatory Study Guide

4/3/2017 last updated

What to expect? There are 25 multiple choice questions that cover the content from the 1850s (Chapter 10) through the Civil War (Chapter 11). Then there is a choice (pick one of three) for a short QeD response which covers the Reconstruction period. (Chapter 12) The test will be worth a total of 35 exam points.

1. What is covered by the multiple choice? (The following list should help. Write an ID for 15 of these. Please number them.)

- Antietam

- Border Ruffians

- Abolitionists

- Underground Railroad

- Copperheads

- Conscription

- total war (in the Civil War)

- secession of South Carolina

- Emancipation Proclamation (especially its international consequences)

- Anaconda Plan

- The Scouting Report (North vs. South)

- Rifling (and its impact on war tactics)

- the weird Election of 1860

- Dred Scott

- Gen. Robert E. Lee

- Gen. George B. McClellan

- Stephen A. Douglas

- Frederick Douglass

- John Brown

2. What is covered by the short response? (The following list should help. Sketch out a 3 paragraph outline (Thesis with 2 Evidence) to a response keeping in mind and mentioning terms from the #3 list below.)

- Presidential vs. Congressional Reconstruction Plans

- Effect of Reconstruction (and the end of it) on African Americans in the South

- National Politics behind Reconstruction

3. Things that would be very smart to mention in QeD responses (if appropriate) because being specific is important?

- Radical Republicans (and maybe one or two of their names)

- President Andrew Johnson

- Election of 1868 (the one with the KKK)

- Election of 1876 (the one that ended Reconstruction)

- Tenant farming

- Black Suffrage

- The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments of the Constitution

- Freedmen's Bureau

- Carpetbaggers

- White League and KKK

- President Ulysses S. Grant

- Compromise of 1877