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1: Power Politics

Al-Jazeera 1/9-10

Humphrey 1/12-3

Bush Address 2/2-3

Bookman 2/2-3

Washington 2/6-7

Korean Night 2/9-10

Lost Nuke 2/21-2

Butler 2/21-2

An introduction to post-Cold War power politics, including discussions of American hegemony, nuclear proliferation, and rogue states.

2: Banana Republics

Havana 2/28, taken offline

Banana Republics 2/28, taken offline

Embargo 3/7

Trujillo 3/9

Somoza 3/13

Taking a look at "Banana Republics," economically & politically. Introducing the idea of borderless colonies.

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1: World War IV

Tulippe on Ajax 4/18

King Hussein 5/5

Camp David 5/11

Stranger in World 5/15

Letter to Bush 5/15

Kissinger on Iraq 5/21

Why do they hate? 5/22

Analyzing the politics and business of the oil industry worldwide. Understanding one of the most important political issues of today.