The splencner Family Tree • updated 10/07/2013

See my website at for other info and e-mail address. This is my family tree including all research concluded by 10/07/2013. There are many unresolved issues waiting for future updates. I am very interested in expanding this and making it more informative. Please help me. Special thanks to René Daubenfeld, Jim Heckenbach, Carolyn Kalb, Janice Brown, Roberta Culhane, Fritz Erne, Rob Deltgen, Anders Anerud, Cynthia Sobieski, Barry Bezold, Virginia  Kalb-Wilberg, & Mary Plencner. I have made efforts to NOT include information on living people. If you see an error in this, please make me aware. signed, S. Plencner

A note on sources: Because this is a living document and I must follow up on sometimes unwarranted leads, please beware of the sources used. Some are more reliable than others and usually I make note of the reliability of sources and research methods used within my citations or notes.

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