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These hosted pages either describe or contain the content of projects created by my history students from Taft and Northside College Prep High Schools  in Chicago..We offer our knowledge to the world. E-mail me with any questions or comments and I will post them.

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Polish Nationalism

A. Hetherington, E. Graham, & N. Alam explore the nuts and bolts of European nationalism using the nation of  Poland as a model. (2006)

America, the Beautiful

N. Bencun and J. Pirpris talk to two immigrants from the Balkan peninsula about what pulled them and their families to the United States. (2008)

Coming Home

R. McDermott, S. Tierney, and D. Griffin talk to a veteran about what it was like to fight and return from the unpopular Vietnam War. (2008)

The Nazis in Greece

A. Mitrakos interviews her ancestor and uncovers details known little to those in the West of how Greece was used as a pawn by the Allies & Axis. (site removed at request of author)

Haiti's No Joke

D. Beres presents a very short and incomplete comic strip history of modern Haiti. He never intended it to be a video, but he has a sense of humor. This is not an MHP. Just fun.  (2006)

That Fateful Year

Here you can view two of three episodes created by N. Ficek, A. Jajte, and P. Janik that explore the watershed year in American history of 1968. (2008)

Stonewall Riots

C. Nicholson and A. Klemensiewicz. (2017)

Dehumanization of LGBT+

N. Solarz, S. Lynn, S. Manzullo, E. Woodson (2017)


Websites created by my former students...
Sovietization of Russia

A. Kowligy and M. Burt question whether Russia is progressing as a democracy or devolving into dictatorship by looking at Russian history and speaking to Russian immigrants. (2006)

The Muslim Experience

Muslim immigrants have become a major force in Western politics. This project by W. Killman, J. Galang, & M. Kucan, explores the Muslim experience. Some items have been removed from original for space. (2006)

It Took a Dream

M. Calvert, A. Ahmetovich, and A. Michaelec interview a woman who challenged the status quo of segregation in 1950's Illinois when she married a man who was African-American. (2008)

London's Gay Subculture

J. Kurisunkal interviewed a homosexual who came of age at the height of the AIDS epidemic in England. Gay rights and what it was to come out of the closet is explored. (2006)

German Economic Giant

S. Jerome explores the resurgent post-Cold War German economy and answers questions about the future of the EU in the global marketplace. (2006) 

Displaced Persons

A. Catalan and K. Malanowska explore the confusing aftermath of WW2 and the people it displaced. A heartbroken many came to the U.S. and have an important story to tell. (2008)

Focus on Communism

An excellent website created by A. Gromek, G. Chorabik, & P. Mielcarek explores the Cold War from both the Soviet and American side, with a focus on how its politics affected people on both sides of the "iron curtain." (2008)


M. Rudolf and M. Tozer (2017)

2006 - Created by Northside Prep's AP European history class 2008 - Created by Taft's AP U.S. history class