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MB Trip Stats (6/10):


Regions visited: 2

Best division: Dauphin

Town visited most: Wasagaming

Most impressive town: Wasagaming

Biggest town: Brandon

Most scenic area: Riding Mountain National Park

Most scenic spot: shores of Clear Lake

Three words: ?,, ? ,?

Road Trips: ?


Neighboring Territories:






First Contact: I entered Manitoba from North Dakota, crossing quietly into the Boissevaine area, where I was met by a Canadian flag-waving turtle, marking the heights of the Turtle Mountains. We headed north through the city of Brandon to Riding Mountain National Park and made it in time to camp.

The province is divided into regions, which are each made up of several divisions, which are numbered and named.


Westman Region (7/2009)

Southwest #5: Boissevaine  Minto.

Brandon #7: Brandon.

Western Manitoba #15: Minnedosa. Erickson.


Parklands Region (7/2009)

Dauphin #17: Riding Mountain NP. Wasagaming. Lake Audy. Coming soon!

Roblin, Russell, Rossburn #17: Rossblum. Russell. Coming soon!


Lonely Lake Grayling in Riding Mountain NP. (2009)

Ukrainian church in the middle of Dauphin District. (2009)

The birch-draped road to Lake Audy. (2009)


All photos (c) 2007 J. Bezold. All rights reserved.