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SK Trip Stats (6/10):


Divisions visited: 4

Best division: #6 Regina

Places Slept: Swift Current

Town visited most: Swift Current

Most impressive town: Regina

Biggest town: Regina

Most scenic area: ?

Most scenic spot: Sand Hills

Three words: ?,, ? ,?

Road Trips: ?


Neighboring Territories:






First Contact: Coming Soon.

The province is divided into rlarge census divisions, which are known by their numbers and named by me according to their most populated city.


Division 5 Melville (7/2009)

Coming. Soon.

Division 6 Regina (7/2009)

Coming. Soon.

Division 7 Moose Jaw (7/2009)

Coming. Soon.

Division 8 Swift Current (7/2009)

Coming. Soon.



The old-fashioned Cabri elevators. (2009)

Garden in downtown Regina with equestrian statue of the queen of Canada. (2009)

A herd of pronghorns in western Saskatchewan. (2009)


All photos (c) 2007 J. Bezold. All rights reserved.