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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places capital: Annapolis & Dover first contact: 12/30/2006 MD & 1/2/2007 DE

MD Trip Stats (1/07):


Counties visited: 9

Best county:  Washington

Town visited most: Boonsboro

Places slept in: none

Most impressive town: Sharpsburg

Least impressive town: Ocean City

Biggest town: Washington's suburbs

Most scenic area: Assateague Island

Most scenic spot: Fisherman's Point on Assateague Island

Three words: modest, history, crabby

State Animal: wild pony

Best driving: the hills along Harpers Ferry Rd south of Sharpsburg

Tourist Trap: Ocean City

Unique Food: crabs and oysters

Road Trips: Patriotic New Year Trip (12/06), Oceanic Mom (4/07)


Neighboring States: DC, PA, VA, WV, DE


A note: A most beautiful state with a lot of variation in a little bit of space. The sandy ocean beaches are not too far from the rugged Appalachian highlands. Lord Baltimore was given a great gift by his king way back when. The people are friendly, although a bit provincial in some places.


DE Trip Stats (1/07):


Counties visited: 1

Best county:  Suffolk

Town visited most: Rehoboth Beach

Last visited: 3/2007

Places slept in: Rehoboth Beach

Most impressive town: Rehoboth Beach

Least impressive town: Bridgeville

Biggest town: Rehoboth Beach

Most scenic area: the beach at the end of the main drag in Rehoboth

Three words: depressed, quiet, wide open

State Animal: hawks

Unique Food: Thrasher dogs

Road Trips: Patriotic New Year Trip (12/06), Oceanic Mom (4/07)


Neighboring States: PA, MD, NJ




First Contact: Although I saw Delaware from across the Potomac in Virginia in 2001, I did not enter the state until late 2006. I passed the Mason-Dixon line at I-70 near Hancock, while leisurely exploring the Potomac Valley during a very warm Winter Break. I drove down the river, through the forests, to Antietam before spending the night in Virginia.

Washington Co. (12/2006)

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Frederick Co. (12/2006)

Details. Coming Soon.

Montgomery Co. (12/2006)

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Prince Georges Co. (1/2007)

Details. Coming Soon.

Anne Arudel Co. (1/2007)

Details. Coming Soon.

Queen Annes Co. (1/2007)

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Talbot Co. (1/2007)

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Caroline Co. (1/2007)

Details. Coming Soon.

Bloody Lane, the place for death for scores of Confederate invaders at Antietam. (2006)

One of many wild ponies foraging through dry winter grass that we spotted along the beach at Assateague. (2007)

The dune along the beach on Assateague Island. (2007)


First Contact: I first crossed into Delaware from Maryland along DE-404 near the depressed farmland around Woodenhawk in January of 2007. I was on my way from Washington, DC, to the quiet but windy Delaware beaches at Rehoboth. I continued southward along the outer islands back into Maryland after finding most of Rehoboth closed for the winter.

Suffolk Co. (1/2007)

Details. Coming Soon.

I take in the stiff January air at the city beach in Rehoboth (2007)