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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places capital: Concord first contact: 7/2007

NH Trip Stats (7/07):


Counties visited: 4

Best county: Atlantic Co.

Last visited: 7/2007

Places slept: Pawtuckaway SP (tent)

Town visited most: Raymond

Most impressive town: N/A

Least impressive town: N/A

Biggest town: Portsmouth

Most scenic area: Kancamagus Highway

Most scenic spot: N/A

Three words: N/A

State Animal: night squirrels... ooooh!


Neighboring States: MA, QC, VT, ME


Major Passes: passed state west to east from the Connecticut River to Maine along US-302 and NH- in July of 2000, reminded me of Wisconsin.


Observations: This state does not deserve the off-putting reputation it has been given by snobbish New Yorkers who think their city is the center of the universe. Of course, I say this with only an afternoon's experience in Jersey.

First Contact: Coming soon!

Grafton Co. (7/2007)

Coming. Coming soon!

Carroll Co. (7/2007)

Coming soon!

Rockingham Co. (7/2007)

Coming soon!

Hillsborough Co. (7/2007)

Coming soon!

A classic New England shoreline. (2007)

The Appalachian ridge in the northern reaches of the state. (2007)


Photos (c) 2007 by S. Plencner. All rights reserved.