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QC Trip Stats (7/07):


Regions visited: 2

Best region: Montérégie

Town visited most: Iberville

Most impressive town: Philipsburg

Least impressive town: Brossard

Biggest town: Montréal

Most scenic area: Upper Richelieu River valley

Most scenic spot: Baie Missisquoi

Three words: boisterous, friendly, narrow

Road Trips: New England (7/2007)


Neighboring Territories:






First Contact: I entered Québec from New York, crossing the busy border crossing at I-87 near St-Bernard-de-Lacolle. We waited in line for quite some time before being warmly wlcomed by a Canadian border agent with a French accent. After getting information from the welcome center and buying a sweater, we drove north toward Montréal with the intent to camp somewhere in Québec. The city was very crowded and we got stuck in a few traffic jams before I saw the real Québec along the Richelieu River southeast of Montréal. The real Québec is made up of rushing cold waters, cow pastures, small wheat farms capitalized by silos, and beautiful Catholic churches surrounded by little houses. 

The province is divided into 86 administrative districts called Municipalités Régonale de Comté (MRC). These are collected into administrative units called "régionaux." I will use these regions to organize the gazetteer and, in turn, try to organize these by MRC.


Montérégie Region (7/2007)

Les Jardins-de-Napierville MRC: St-Bernard-de-Lacolle.  Napierville.

Longueuil MRC: Brossard.

Roussilon MRC: La Prairie.

La Vallée-du-Richelieu MRC: La Prairie.

Le Haut-Richelieu MRC: Iberville. St-Athanase. Sabrevois. Henryville. St-Sébastien.

Brome-Missisquoi MRC: Pike River. Philipsburg.


Montréal Region (7/6/2007)

Montréal MRC: Montréal. Coming soon!

The sun sets over the Missisquoi Bay of Lake Champlain near Philipsburg. (2007)

A huge European-style building in Montreal. (2007)

The old town of St. Jean sur Richelieu is capitalized by its church spire. (2007)


All photos (c) 2007 J. Bezold. All rights reserved.