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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places capital: Topeka first contact: 8/1992

KS Trip Stats (11/05):


Counties visited: 4

Best county: Wyandotte Co.

Town visited most: Overland Pk

Places slept in: Overland Pk

Most impressive town: Overland Pk

Least impressive town: KS City

Biggest town: Kansas City, KS


Best Food: nothing beats the steaks and barbeque of Kansas City, even the scraps from the bbq's are on the menus...


Long Trips: Cowboy Trip (8/2005)


Neighboring States: MA, CT


AR Trip Stats (11/05):


Counties visited: 2

Best county: Mississippi Co.

Town visited most: West Memphis

Biggest town: West Memphis


Long Trips: Southland Trip (7/04), Katrina Relief (10/05)


Neighboring States: RI, NY, MA


Future Plans: The Ozark Plateau and Crowley's Ridge.

Rhode Island

First Contact: My first time to Kansas was by plane. Aunt Peg, Sam, and I landed at the airport in Kansas City in order to attend a 1992 Kalb family reunion being held there. We took a plane because the Mississippi River was flooded over its banks. My parents did not accompany us because my mother was too frightened to fly. After visiting family from all over the area, I headed back with my parents through Iowa. As an adult, I have been to Kansas only twice.

Wyandotte Co. (8/1992)

Kansas City. I do not remember much of my two trips to this city except that my cousin took me on a tour of the area.

Johnson Co. (8/1992)

Shawnee. Overland Park. Stayed in this large suburban city during a trip to KC family reunion. I only remember strip malls along Metcalf Avenue. Mission. Relatives lived in this suburb. We visited them. Leawood.

Leavenworth Co. (8/1992)

Passed through very briefly during weekend in Kansas in 1992 on a circle trip around I-435.

Cherokee Co. (8/2005)

Entered from Missouri on a lark during Cowboy Trip and encountered a big accident that turned us around.


The city of Providence doesn't care if it  smells. It is too busy working! (2007)


First Contact: I entered Arkansas during the Southland Trip of July, 2004, after staying the night north of Memphis. Having entered Memphis from an unusual direction, I missed the dangerous curves on I-55 that make the

Crittenden Co. (7/2004)

Passed through this farmland twice. West Memphis. Interstate suburb on the edge of metropolitan Memphis. Never saw more here than a truck stop or two.

Mississippi Co. (10/2005)

Passed through rich farmland of Mississippi plain on I-55 en route from Chicago to Jackson, MS.

Beautiful, commercialized Mystic Harbor, formerly Pequot territory. (2007)