Evidence for "Peopling of America" Debate
Ainu People of Northern Japan. See this page for more information.
Left: Totem poles of the Pacific Northwest in California. Right: Totems of Ainu people. See this page for more information.
Left: Geronimo and Apache of Southwest. Sitting Bull, a Sioux, of the Great Plains. See this page for myths and legends of the Amerinds.
Left: Clovis spear point. Right: Clovis man hunting a mammoth. More on Clovis and boat people.
Inuit woman and Inuit kayaks. See more on the Inuit people.
Boats common among natives of Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, and Hawaii. More on Polynesian origins.
Sami people of Lapland in northern Scandinavia (Europe.) See more on the yoiks of the Finnish Samis. And here are some Omaha songs of the Amerinds. Here are Inuit songs.
Olmec Amerind civilization statues. See more on Zheng He. See more on Olmecs. See the curious story of the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl. Navajo origin myths are here.
Do not be afraid to cover even more gound and check out the points for LONG CHRONOLOGY & SHORT CHRONOLOGY theories. Also check out this article, even though it is suspect.