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About as crazy as Block 4 gets... which is not much.
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Block 5... how did we get through it?





anthe2wilhelm.jpg (15880 bytes)
Annie Oakley takes aim and Wilhelm II almost gets it... As WW1 started she apologized to the king for not killing him. Thanks to A. Mitrakos for the illustration.


Making History

Project webpage

Completed projects


Study Guides

1. Victorian Era

2. World War I

3. World War 2

4. Cold War


Classnotes PPT

1. The End of Mid-Ages

2. Reformation & Pols

3. Spanish Empire

4. Age of Metternich

5. Franco-Prussian

6. Victorian Realpolitik

7. The Great War

8. Rise of Hitle

9. Fall of Soviets


These were taken offline in the archival version. If you would like to see these classnotes, please contact me.




Modern History Sourcebook

Napoleon III's private cabinet

Daumier Satires

Brothers Grimm

German Docs

WWI videos and songs

WWI docs

Propaganda WWI

The Great War


"People who make history know nothing about history. You can see that in the sort of history they make” G.K. Chesterton