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By appointment or after school most days in 207. Parents and students, don't hesitate to e-mail me for anything.




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(773) 534-1000


This year I am teaching: AP U.S. History & Chicago History.In the past, I have also taught: Honors U.S. History, Consumer Education, AP European History, Contemporary American History, Global Issues, U.S. History & World Studies, and coached Policy Debate



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It has been an honor to teach my neighbors at Taft for most of my career, which started in 2003. I am glad to be in the company of such dedicated students and teachers and hope we can make the most of this year.

Who am I? I live and breathe history and bring a lifetime of passion for the subject to Taft. History, to me, is essential to the development of an identity and needed to make informed decisions in this democratic country. It is the key to compassion and peace. History is alive and happening. One day merges into the next, one year becomes a decade and then a century. Time moves on and leaves its shadows and ghosts. History reminds us who we are, but also, maybe more importantly, that everything around us is temporary.

Born and raised and still living in Jefferson Park, I am a proud graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, where I studied secondary education and history. My interests in college included U.S. political history, Native America, urban history, and Japanese history. Historical knowledge served me well during my years editing the campus newspaper and while interning with the New York Post in Philadelphia. Previous to working with Taft's students, I taught at Northside College Prep H.S. and regularly subbed at Phoenix Military Academy. I am currently attending NEIU's history masters' program as a James Madison Fellow, thanks to the McCormick Civics Foundation. I am a real historian actively doing research and am an active part of the academic community.

My interests most prominently include driving around North America looking for large wild mammals and historical ghosts. I have two kids who I love very much and who make me smile everyday. My hobbies include kayaking, fishing, convincing people to vote 'correctly', watching football, gardening, and wasting my day watching Netflix. Former students already know that I have a weakness for gyros and pop that must be overcome if I am to attain nirvana.

So, I hope we have a good school year and that you find in me a capable and able classroom leader. I know we will learn a lot together.

Scott Plencner