Sayner Invasion 2010 - 8/2010

The Plum Lake shoreline at the Woodlands Resort in Sayner, Wisconsin.

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Dates: For a week, beginning 7/31/2010


Home bases: The Woodlands Resort, 'Oak' & Plum Gate Resort

Areas Explored: Vilas County, Wisconsin

Transportation: 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan, the Pelican canoe, and a rented Yamaha 8hp outboard motor

New Frontiers: Since we had two locations on opposite sides of Plum Lake, we made great use of boats and walkie-talkies.

Cast: Jessica, Andrew, Scott, Barbara, Cheryl, Mark, Samantha & Jeff (from Wed.), Trish & Caty (from Thurs.)


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 Trip Notes: We were back at the ancestral vacation grounds in 2010. It is hard for anyone to remember now, but it seems we entered our family's ninth or tenth decade in Sayner.


After a very adventurous summer, it was nice to sit back and relax in an old familiar place.


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