Sayners Past - 1920s to 1990s

Welcome to Sayner! A postcard from Sayner's early days when Chicagoans took the Illinois Central into the Northwoods to get away from the grime.
The family has been going to Sayner and vicinity for many decades. We have lost count of the number of times or years gone. Below are some photos given to me by family members of our past trips to Sayner.

It seems every time I get in the car, I am looking for another Sayner and have yet to find it. It's fern-covered forests and clear lake waters and cool, crisp nights are unique. There is nothing better than pulling up to a knotty pine cabin and seeing my father sitting at the grill wearing the face of contentment he saves only for this place. I feel lucky to be able to pass this tradition on to my boy.

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1991 Sayner Moss' Cabins on Razorback  

After this trip to Moss', the resort was sold to a private firm, knocked down, and converted into condos. I will never forget the steep road leading into the Moss' or the way it was set up. There never was a happier place to look at the stars and pick on crayfish while the older people sat around the fire and talked about whatever. We came a bit later and remember feeling good after the hours-long trip to pull next to the cabin and get to play cards with Aunt Peg. We had not been North for a few years and had been through the death of Uncle Glenn recently. It was good to reconnect and introduce a new generation (Ryan) of Millers to Sayner.

1987 Sayner Moss' Cabins on Razorback


What I remember most about this trip was the anticipation. This one got me hooked on the road. I had dreams for days about crossing the Interstates. Most mornings were spent on the pier or in the boats with Aunt Peg and Uncle Charlie, each clutching a coffee cup. Afternoons were spent in the lake. A barbeque dinner and dessert at McKay's, followed by a night of fires and cards.

1983-1985 Sayner Moss' Cabins on Razorback


There were various trips to Moss' taken in the early 1980's which are now fuzzy memories, but are, in my own mind, the classic Northwoods experience. I have a few memories. One was the night raid into Aurora Lake, when Dad, Uncle Charlie, Steve, and Gregg overcame fear and tepid waters and came back with buckets of pike. I also remember running around the dirt lot as a "jughead", and trips to Aqualand where you could feed the bears, or quick trips to McKay'sto get Superman ice cream cones. A store in town had a big stuffed black bear in attack pose and sold lots of little plastic animals. One of the first trips was also attended by Uncle Don and his family. My only memory of him was in the long cabin on the hill at Moss'. For a pre-school kid stuck in the house, Sayner was the definition of awesomeness.


1974 Sayner Moss' Cabins on Razorback


1960 Sayner Perveiler's on Lost Lake



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