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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places capital: Augusta first contact: 7/2007

ME Trip Stats (8/07):


Counties visited: 3

Best county:   Co.

Last visited: 8/2007

Town visited most: City

Most impressive town: City

Least impressive town: City

Biggest town: City

Most scenic area: ?

Most scenic spot: ?

Three words: ?

State Animal: rock lobster dinner

Tourist Trap: Kennebunckport

Best Food: see state animal


Neighboring States: NH, QC


Observations: ?

First Contact: Coming soon

Maine's Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

A traditional Maine snack. (2007)

Looking for lunch in all the wrong places. (2007)


Photos (c) 2007 by J. Bezold. All rights reserved.