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gadfly homepage on the road home notes on places capital: Helena first contact: 8/2007

MT Trip Stats (11/07):


Counties visited: 10

Best county: Park Co.

Last visited: 8/2007

Town visited most: Gardiner

Places slept in: Gallatin NF (Canyon Campground)

Most impressive town: Gardiner

Least impressive town: Billings

Biggest town: Billings

Most scenic area: the Yellowstone River Valley

Most scenic spot: Devil's Slide

Three words: ?,?,?

State Animal: dead snakes

Tourist Traps: the Gardiner gate of Yellowstone is clogged with jerks taking photos of themselves with the welcome sign

Road Trips: Ring of Fire Trip (8/2007)


Neighboring States: ND, SD, ID, WY, SK, AB, BC


Major Passes: In 8/2007 passed through a large portion of the state from Wilbaux to Gardiner along the I-94 & 90 corridors.



First Contact: I entered Montana from the east in nearly the middle of nowhere along the lonliest stretch of I-94 there is. The road was empty and it was the late morning. Soon I drove past the town of Wilbaux, but did not stop for many hours since I was satisfied by a gas station in Medora, ND. The ride was uneventful until we took a left-hand turn into the Rockies and began driving up the "Hallway" that leads to the door of Yellowstone.

Wilbaux Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Dawson Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Prairie Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Custer Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Rosebud Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Treasure Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Yellowstone Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Stillwater Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Sweet Grass Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.

Park Co. (8/2007)

Coming. Soon.


The Yellowstone Valley is like a hallway as it leads up to the famous national park. (8/2007)

My feet are wet with the cold Yellowstone waters. Slimy grass grows just under the surface, a perfect river for trout. (8/2007)


all photos (c) 2007 J. Bezold, all rights reserved