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William H. Taft H.S.   2006-2007

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Period 1   World Studies, my favorite class of the day
Period 2   USH, the huge and quiet class
Period 3   USH, the class with lots of drama!
Period 5   USH, the roller coaster class / Boys' Club

Period 7   USH, the smart class... somehow

last updated 8/20/07

It has been a good year. Thank you for all you taught me and keep in touch now that you are in the Plencner Alumni Association. (I got your back!) These photos are for you to remember the good times.


No longer available. If you need grade reports for the 2006-07 school year, please e-mail me.

Study Guides

For study guides, see Edline.


No longer available.


1.Peopling of Americas Debate Point Sheets

2. Peopling evidence & links

3. History Court: Columbus

4. A Short History of New France

5. Women's Declaration of Independence

Ideas & Links

Peopling of Americas Links