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Links, links, links... Below you will find a collection of websites that do one of a few things: (a) broaden your understanding of a very specific class assignment, (b) offer a useful second or third look at an event or epoch of American history, (c) help you study American history, or (d) hope to create further interest in a topic or assignment.  Some of the links go to my own, homemade pages and others go to more professional-looking pages. Let me know if any of these helpful and don't forget to see the note at the very bottom.


General Links of Interest to CAH

I-Cue archival footage from the NBC network on a variety of subjects

Americans at War Website detailing the lives of Americans on the homefront

American Memory @ LOC one stop shop for primary sources in USH

Digital History online USH museum and textbook with a lot of good insight

Presidents watch a program about the last few presidents of the U.S.

The Homefront in WW2, 1929-1948

America First All about the America First Committee and isolationism

Americans at War Website detailing the lives of Americans on the homefront

The Birth of the Cold War, 1917-1953

Happy Days?, 1945-1962

The Suburbs Kenneth T. Jackson on the suburbanization of America

Talking to Ms. Friedan an interview with women's rights activist Betty Friedan

I Have a Dream!, 1954-1968

Eyes on the Prize a great site on the Civil Ridghts movement

I Have a Dream

Containment & Camelot, 1955-1965

The Wacky 1960's, 1962-1970

Summer of Love watch a movie about hippies and the 1960s counter-culture

1968: A Fateful Year


Rise & Fall of Nixon, 1952-1974

Turning Down the Heat, 1974-1981

Reagan Revolution, 1968-1986


Land of Synergy, 1980-1992

The New World Order, 1989-1999

The Age of W., 2000-2008

Bacevich on War a heroic scholar talks about the wars America faced in the 2000s


Consumer Ed

King Corn webpage that goes behind the scenes of the film King Corn

about the photo: I took this in Mitchell, SD; at the Corn Palace, where Corn is King!

  more to come...


Note! If you have a good link, share it with me via e-mail. If I use it, you will receive extra credit!


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