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Links, links, links... Below you will find a collection of websites that do one of a few things: (a) broaden your understanding of a very specific class assignment, (b) offer a useful second or third look at an event or epoch of American history, (c) help you study American history, or (d) hope to create further interest in a topic or assignment.  Some of the links go to my own, homemade pages and others go to more professional-looking pages. Let me know if any of these helpful and don't forget to see the note at the very bottom.


A.P. Prep and Tips

Practice Makes Perfect my own webpage offering links and tips to passing the A.P. test which I hope to expand over the year, come here for info on DBQ's and DBQ examples from past tests

Pojer's Quiz Page a collection of AP level USH tests I often sue to make tests

about the photo: I took this in Great Sand Dunes NP, CO; and hope you don't feel like I look in this photo when studying for the A.P. test

General American History

American Heritage magazine dedicated to the study of USH

American Memory @ LOC one stop shop for primary sources in USH

Chicago Encyclopedia treasure trove of info on local history

PPT Palooza another APUSH teacher's webpage of notes & 200 ppts

USH Links another page with great links in USH, a good place to study

Digital History online USH museum and textbook with a lot of good insight

about the photo: I took this in Washington, DC; policemen on horseback walk the Mall before the Smithsonian Institute.

What is History?

The Last Conquistador Examining El Paso's erection of a huge statue of a Spanish conquistador

History and How to Write It 1957 American Heritage article by Dixon Wector

A Jew Among Germans watch a film made by a Holocaust survivor returning to Germany

about the photo: I took this in Mesa Verde, CO; looking through the window of an ancient Pueblo ruin.

The Spanish Century, 1492-1607

The Conquistadores explains and compares four conquistadores, including Cabeza de Vaca

about the photo: I took this in San Juan, Puerto Rico; the gate of the walled imperial city and headquarters of Juan Ponce de Leon.

The English Colonial Period, 1607-1765

War That Made America website full of resources on the French & Indian War

Religion and America's Founding thoughts on the Great Awakening

about the photo: I took this in Plymouth, MA; the site of Plymouth Rock, landing place for the Pilgrims.

The American Revolution, 1765-1789

Not-so revolutionary Revolution an article I wrote in college on the American Revolution

Anenberg's Const'l Conv. Film Often shown in class, this is a great intro and review of issues relating to the Constitutional Convention of 1787

about the photo: I took this in Yorktown, VA; at the battlefield where the Revolutionary War ended.

The Early National Period, 1789-1830

Hamilton watch a program about Alexander Hamilton, our nation's first super politician

War of 1812 a good website of materials relating to the War of '12

The West website dedicated to the PBS film that examines Westward Expansion

about the photo: I took this in Cumberland Gap, TN; at the place where Daniel Boone led American emigrants over the Appalachian Mountains.

The Antebellum Period, 1830-1858

about the photo: I took this in Lake Placid, NY; at the home of John Brown, murdering terrorist and martyr for the cause of freedom.

The Civil War & Reconstruction, 1858-1877

about the photo: I took this in Sharpsburg, MD; at the site of the bloodiest battle in the war, Antietam Creek.

The "Gilded" Age, 1868-1890

Shady Campaigns of the 1880's an article I wrote in college about how shady 19th century politics was

Chicago: City of the Century website with more info on the role Chicago played in the Gilded Age

The End of the Frontier Influential historian/geographer William Cronon on the Turner Thesis and the end of the frontier


about the photo: I took this photo of beef livestock at Point Reyes, CA.

The "Progressive" Era & Imperialism, 1890-1914

about the photo: I took this in Mount Rushmore, SD; at a place where Americans carved huge faces into the side of the mountain to show how cool they were.

The World Wars and Depression, 1914-1945

about the photo: I took this in San Francisco, CA; a place of major action during WWII.

The Civil Rights Movement, 1900-1968

Eyes on the Prize a great site on the Civil Ridghts movement

about the photo: I took this in Arlington, VA; as I sped across the river to the Lincoln Memorial, the site of King's famous words, "I have a dream!"

The Cold War, 1945-1989

The Suburbs Kenneth T. Jackson on the suburbanization of America

Summer of Love watch a movie about hippies and the 1960s counter-culture

Presidents watch a program about the last few presidents of the U.S.

about the photo: I took this in Washington, DC., outside the gates of the White House, location of most major decisions during the Cold War.

The "New World Order", 1989-2008

about the photo: I took this in Shanksville, PA; at the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack on Flight 93. Each little marker represents an American who died in the attack.

Consumer Ed

King Corn webpage that goes behind the scenes of the film King Corn

about the photo: I took this in Mitchell, SD; at the Corn Palace, where Corn is King!

  more to come...


Note! If you have a good link, share it with me via e-mail. If I use it, you will receive extra credit!


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